Montana Technological University’s TRIO Talent Search (TS) program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to our high school and middle school participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to the post-secondary school of their choice.

TRIO Talent Search is an outreach program supported by Montana Tech and funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

TRIO Talent Search provides services such as: career exploration, college planning and financial aid workshops, academic advising/career counseling, campus visitation, social/cultural programs, field trips, tutoring and much more!


TRIO Talent Search’s primary focus is, but is not limited to, helping low income and first generation students build the skills to succeed in post-secondary education.

Services provided:

    • Weekly meetings

    • Academic advising

    • Career and personal counseling

    • Time, money and stress management

    • Public service activities

    • Building of cultural awareness

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Schools served:


Michelle Christianson (Helena schools)
TRIO Talent Search Director
Cell: (406)-439-2387

Adam Maes (Helena Schools)
TRIO Talent Search Coordinator
(406) 560-6891

Brandon McLean (Anaconda schools)
TRIO Talent Search Coordinator
Cell: (406) 491-3023

Kristy Dalleserra
TRIO Talent Search East Middle School Academic Coach
Cell: (406) 490-6454

Leslie Hagengruber
TRIO Talent Search Helena/CRA
Phone: (406) 324-2800

Lisa Mortieau
TRIO Talent Search Helena-EVMS

Phone: (406) 227-7740

Halstyn Stief
TRIO Talent Search Helena-HMS
Phone: (406) 324-1055