Montana Tech does not have a designated Testing Center to support internal testing needs. Faculty are responsible for providing all testing accommodations that are required through disability services and/or accommodations required due to athletic travel, excused absences, etc.

In an effort to support students and faculty Montana Tech has three supplemental testing support options available based on student demographics:

  • (1) Disability Services Testing Support;

  • (2) TRIO SSS Testing Support;

  • (3) Student Affairs Testing Support.

These services are intended to be a back-up and not the primary service provider. This means that the offices might not be able to fulfill every request that is submitted.

Where does testing occur and how are test materials handled

WHERE: All supplemental testing support services are proctored in Engineering Hall room 105F.

HOW: Test materials must be sent to the proctor via campus mail, email, or hand delivered by the instructor. Other methods can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Which Supplemental Testing Support Service should I use?

WHICH: The support service is determined by the student. Use the decision tree as a guide for which service. If you are unsure of which one contact the

  • Dean of Students (406-496-4198),

  • Disability Services Coordinator (406-496-4429) or

  • Director of TRIO SSS (406-496-4683).

When and How to Request Supplemental Testing Support Services

WHEN: All Supplemental Testing Support Services requests need to be submitted a minimum of Three (3) days before the requested test date.

HOW: Instructors need to fill out the Supplemental Testing Support Services form located in MyMtech under Quick Links “Testing Accommodation Request”

Testing Spreadsheet.png