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Intermountain Junior Science & Humanities Symposia
Judges Registration

The success of the Intermountain Junior Science & Humanities Symposia depends greatly on quality judging by generous volunteers. We appreciate all of your time and effort. Thank you!

IJSHS is looking for people to review student research papers, and for people who can judge the student’s oral & poster presentations. All judges for this event must have a minimum of a Master’s degree. We need a minimum of 40 qualified judges for the research paper preliminary round, 15 qualified judges who are able to attend the Symposia and judge the Oral Presentations, and 10-20 qualified judges to judge the Poster Presentation.

You can only be a reviewer or judge, not both. Please select one of the links below.

  • Research papers will be sent to judges with the reviewing process taking place January 20, 2023 through February 3, 2023.

Register here as a research paper reviewer.

If you have any questions about judging please contact Amy Verlanic or call (406) 496-4289.

JSHS Judging Sheet for Research Papers

JSHS Judges Score Sheet