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Montana Tech Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Our 2021 Sponsors included:

AmeriCorps Montana
Big Hole River Foundation
Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging, LLC
Bureau of Land Management
Broadcom Foundation MASTERS
Town Pump Charitable Foundation
Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP)
Charles A. Kestle & Associates
Montana Campus Compact
Charlie Pascavage Memorial Award
Citizens Technical Environmental Committee (CTEC)
Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
Denny Menholt Ford
George Grant Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Dr. Gordon Haaland Memorial
Dr. Wilbur Held Memorial
Montana Tech School of Mines & Engineering
International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS)
Montana Science Teachers Association
Montana Space Grant Consortium
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Montana Tech Foundation
Montana Learning Center
National Society of Black Engineers Montana Tech Chapter
Natural Resource Damage Program
National Science Teacher Association
NorthWestern Energy
Institute For Educational Opportunities
TRIO Student Support Services
TRIO Upward Bound
TRIO Upward Bound Math & Science
TRIO Talent Search
Montana Tech Jump Start Dual Enrollment
Montana Tech Biology Department
Montana Tech Mining Engineering Department
Montana Tech Metallurgy Department
Montana Tech Mineral Museum
Montana Tech Mathematical Sciences Department
Montana Tech Electrical Engineering Department
Montana Tech Geophysical Engineering Department
Montana Tech Foundation
Montana Tech Petroleum Engineering Department
Montana Tech Professional Technical Communications Department
Montana Tech Research & Graduate Studies
Digger Athletic Association
National Association of Secondary School Principals
PitWATCH Berkeley Pit Public Education Committee
Water & Environmental Technologies (WET)
Pioneer Technical Services, Inc.
Reach Higher Montana
Steele’s Furniture
Tillo Graphics

Many other local businesses and groups help make our fair a success through awards sponsorship’s.

Do you want to donate or sponsor an award?

Contact us at Sciencefair@mtech.edu.

2019 Paulette Miller Memorial Award Winner

Jim Handley – 2019 Paulette Miller Memorial Award Winner

     From 1986 to today, is 33 years folks! Or if you really like doing math conversions you could say its been 396 months, 2,772 weeks, 19,404 days, or 465,696 hours since Dr. Jim Handley started his career as a science fair judge.

     In 1997, the Chemistry Department handed over the administrative reigns of the fair to the Institute for Educational Opportunities. And the staff at IEO can testify, there has not been a single year over these three plus decades that Jim didn’t personally make sure math books were given out as awards, that he didn’t judge the fair, that he didn’t make outdated jokes about “here comes the judge” to the students, and that he didn’t tease our science fair committee for wanting more taco bars and better t-shirts for the judges.

     Jim is a gentle spirit whose passion and values are easy to tell from his actions. His demeanor is one of cheesy dad jokes and speaking softly, but his actions speak of a different volume. One of intense passion for encouraging children to love math, to seek math in their everyday life, and to celebrate the power of children to solve the world’s problems. One of understanding the power of encouragement. Jim is a man of reliability, consistency, and dedication.

From all of us on the Montana Tech Regional Science & Engineering Fair staff,