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Montana Tech Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Division 2 (5th-8th Grades) Tuesday March 1, 2022
Division 1 (9th-12th Grade) Thursday March 3, 2022

Download MT Tech-ISEF-Project-Materials Guidelines here.

Display & Safety Regulations
Division II – Grades 5-8
Our Display and Safety Regulations are in compliance with the International Fair.


  • Living Organisms except dried plant material
  • Taxidermy specimens or parts
  • Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals (including embryos)
  • Human/Animal parts or body fluid
  • Poisons, drugs, controlled or hazardous substances, or devices
  • Dry ice or sublimating solids (solids which vaporize to a gas without passing through a liquid phase)
  • Sharp items (syringes, needles, pipettes)
  • Flames or highly flammable display materials
  • Empty tanks that previously contained combustible liquids or gases
  • Batteries with open top cells
  • Awards, medals, business cards
  • Photographs depicting vertebrate animals in other-than-normal conditions (surgical techniques, dissection, necropsies)

ALLOWED TO DISPLAY – In totally enclosed containers

  • Soil samples
  • Dried plant material
  • Human/Animal food
  • Teeth, hair, nails, dried animal bones, histological dry mount sections, and wet mount tissue solids
  • Water and non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-odorous aqueous solutions, and edible oils
  • A totally enclosed container is one that is constructed of glass or plastic and has a secure lid or top, or plastic films that can be sealed.

DISPLAY ONLY – cannot be operated:

  • Small mechanical devices provided they present absolutely no hazard to viewers
  • Class III and IV Lasers
  • Devices requiring voltage over 125 volts

Division I – Grades 9-12

Please see the ISEF 2021 Complete Rule Book. Displays must not exceed 30″ (depth) x 48″ (width) x 108″ (height).