Providing    the    Resources    Needed     for    Success    in    Higher    Education

Succeeding   Students   in   Engineering   Programs   (STEP)

STEP (Succeeding Students in Engineering Programs) is designed to offer services in five general areas to assist female and/or ethnic minorities with successfully preparing themselves for careers in engineering. These are the advantages STEP may be able to offer you:

Academic   Assistance

You can get the most out of your academic experience by taking advantage of the academic advising, counseling, monthly academic excellence workshops, tutors and peer study groups provided by the STEP program.

Professional   Development

STEP provides you with resources, workshops, and conferences to strengthen your professional skills. MT Tech Alumni's and other successful practicing engineers serve as mentors. STEP also fosters student organizations such as AISES and SWE.

Campus   Connections

Do you have questions but are unsure who to ask? As a liaison with most departments on campus and as with many company recruiters, STEP helps you connect with the campus and professional community.

Social   Activities

You can make friends with your peers while attending STEP social functions. From back to school barbecues to Christmas parties, STEP offers many opportunities to socialize with the people sitting next to you in class.