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Saturday Academies

Attendance at Saturday academies is required of students simply because we cannot influence you if we do not spend time with you.  The schedule is set now for the entire year; however, students will receive reminders in their school announcements and postcard about each activity approximately one week prior.  Activities, which have two dates listed, involve overnight commitments.

Weekly Meetings/Tutoring

Freshman/Sophomore weekly meetings last for one hour according to the following schedule.

Anaconda High                       Tuesday @ 6pm in Counseling Center          

Butte High                               Monday @ 3pm in Room #408                     

Capital High                            Thursday @ 3:30pm in Room #24

Helena High                            Tuesday @ 3:30pm in Room #24                  

 Junior/Senior meetings will last for one hour and are arranged with their coordinator on a contractual basis.  

All students are expected to arrive to meetings on time and fully participate because the activities are designed to fulfill the mission of Upward Bound.

Each week, tutoring is offered one hour after Freshman/Sophomore meetings.  All grade levels of students are encouraged to attend; receiving tutoring or serving as a peer tutor.

 Additional Staff Hours:

            Anaconda HS            Tuesday: 8:00am-5pm in Counseling Center

            Butte HS                    Tuesday: 8:15-10:45am and 1:30-4:30pm in Room #408

                                             Wednesday & Thursday: 8:15am-4:30pm in Room #408

            Capital HS                 Thursday & Friday: 8:00am-3:30pm in Career Counseling Center

            Helena HS                 Monday & Tuesday: 8:00am-3:30pm in the Library 

All Upward Bound staff members welcome students, parents, and target school staff to contact them outside of the weekly meetings.  Our contact information is below.


Amy Verlanic, Executive Director                                496-4289

RuthAnne Shope, TRiO Associate Director                   491-1254

Brandon McLean, Anaconda TRiO Coordinator                491-3023

Cory Chenoweth, Helena TRiO Coordinator           459-6075

 Theresa Rader, Butte TRIO Coordinator                         491-1907         


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